Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I Don't Think I'll Ever Get Blogger of the Year Award...

DCbC news, events, my life, and so on...

          So, as you may see, I am not good at keeping up with blogs, but I'm going to start trying. I added a pretty new layout, thats a step right? I mainly started this blog as a place to post all my contests for Diaper Cakes by Courtney, since we're technically, not really legally allowed to run them from facebook, but its just soooo much easier, and quicker to do it that way, but I really need to start trying to divert them all here, I would be more than devastated if they took my page away!! Ahh starting over at this point would be way too time consuming, I haven't the time now!! LOL but look for all future big contests to run from here.

          Well, its been a pretty hectic last few months. My son turned one, is running around into everything like crazy. Kid refuses to sleep more than a couple hours at a time, unless I'm with him! Terrible cycle, but it is what it is! They only are little for a short time, and I know this time wont last forever, so I don't mind him hogging my bed while he still is a lil bug.

          I stay up most nights till 4am or later finishing orders and online stuff. Why? Because when you are a work from home mom, not everything gets finished in your allotted daytime hours. Bummer, such is the life of a mom I guess.

I have so many unfinished projects I hope to accomplish within the next month, and absolutely no time to do it all! What a busy week its been so far, and its just getting busier! Well I have my to-do list, its just a matter of starting it... and sticking with it... so tired... Baby shower, orders, online stuff, the list is endless, and daunting, but I work my best under pressure.

So I am very excited to be launching my website sometime within the next couple weeks. I've been trying to be optimistic by telling people it will be unveiling on Friday, but when Friday comes and goes with no said site launch, don't be surprised! I want it to be perfect, and perfection takes time!

I revealed a new service provided to all my loyal fans. I now will be doing logos and banners for all your awesome pages, blogs, etsys, facebooks, yada yada yada. I am so excited that a few of you have trusted me with your logo creating!! One was sent out today, waiting to hear if she liked it or not.... Wish me luck!

Well this post shall go unfinished until another spare moment. Trey is awake.... only for the 4th time tonight...